The box

An innovative product deserves an innovative showcase. In 2018, we digitalised the JACK WOLFSKIN product presentation.

JACK WOLFSKIN explained to us that they wish to be perceived as an innovative outdoor goods manufacturer in a digital era. We have developed an interactive tool to raise interest in, and the profile of, the innovative TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE material. Crack the box. A box with a 55″ LCD touchscreen in the middle of the store. On the outer level, customers could access information, play games and enter a prize draw code that they received previously from one of our brand coaches. The hero product, illuminated as though in a display case, was located inside the box. Each entrant won a small prize and had a chance of winning the star prize, a TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE jacket. The result was the piquing of new customers’ curiosity and a whole new kind of digitalised outdoor product presentation.