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Ok, brands should be like friends. But what does that mean for the point of sale? It becomes the place where we meet friends. Here, we can talk freely about the next trip away, make plans for the weekend or discuss the next project. It is important that we pay attention to our counterparts. We want to get excited about the things we are passionate about. It is exactly this atmosphere that we create for your brand. And then what? Then a nice chat becomes a firm plan – and “I just want to have a look” becomes “I’ll take it with me”.

RETAIL TRAINING_we live and brathe your brand

First of all: We believe that passion for a brand is just as important as technical know-how. Because only those who are passionate about something can pass that enthusiasm on to others. The crucial question, however, is: How do we make sure that your employees and retailers also match the tone of your brand – and that the sales pitch leads to success?

We make sure of that in our workshops. Because here, not only do your employees learn about the content, they also learn about how to use the right tone of voice to present your brand to your customers – so that they leave the shop feeling good and with their bags full.

EVENTS UND MOre_Special MOments welded together

So, you want to experience something unique with your customers again? Away from boring everyday life? Straight into a big adventure? We can do that!

We transform your event and exhibition stand into a real highlight. We are party planners! And we know that it has to be good. Because every customer contact can be the last – or the first of a wonderful friendship. So, we leave nothing to chance. We prepare everything before and after. And in the meantime, our brand ambassadors go full throttle for you.

CONSUMER ACTIVATION_Just being eye-catching is not enough for us.
We want to get carried away with it all!

As with all friendships – it’s about business. So: How do we get your customers to become loyal brand fans? That’s easy: We make sure that we get to know each other in a friendly, emotional way. From unforgettable promotional events to crazy roadshows, a lot is possible – and we have already had a lot of success implementing these.

But here too, we only do what makes sense for your brand. In order to remain surprising and unique, we always try out new tools and gadgets, stay up-to-date and give you friendly advice. Together, we will find the activation measure that fits your brand and your goals.

What other ways and means are there? Let’s have a friendly chat to get to know each other better 😉


First impressions count. It sounds a bit cliché, but it’s still true – especially for the PoS. Because here, too, there is a single, first and special moment of truth. So, it is important for your brand to make a strong statement. That is why we pay particular attention to ensuring that your look fits your company attitude, that it suits the local circumstances of the PoS and uses language that is clear – unmistakable, even. Of course, this can and must be surprising – in the positive sense of the word.
When all is said and done, the following always applies: It is important to us that we create a special and pleasant shopping experience for your customers. Because we focus on people, and all their thoughts that lead them to making a decision!


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